Capture your family legacy
Eternalize their stories

We help you conduct an interview of your loved ones & produce a film for you to share with generations to come

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Transform into a Director

Our custom kits includes everything you need to conduct a successful interview with your own smartphone.

Easy to use tools

We've curated tools that will enable you to capture the best footage. Our setup guide will get you ready to film within 10min.

Personalized interview questions

When you fill out our smart questionnaire we will craft personalized questions that will help you capture the most memorable stories.

Do it right with Cuento App

When you are ready to start rolling, download our app and we will be at your side throughout the entire interview. The video will upload directly to our secure server so we can start editing.

Our Studio will edit your video to create a Cuento for you to share & store for generations

We create a professionally edited documentary style video and a teaser for social, both will securely live in your Cuento Studios Vault.

Nothing is ever lost if we remember it

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